Southwestern Necklace

Southwestern NecklaceSouthwestern inspired necklace. The pendant is silver plated and the 60cm long ball chain necklace is made of silver colored copper. Meaning: The crescent shaped pendant, also called the 'Naja' by Native American, has North African origins. The Moors, great horsemen, to whom the horse meant wealth and power and survival, Lees meerdecorated their animals in various colorful ways. One of these decorations was a metal crescent shape attached to the bridles. This was eventually adopted by the people of Spain, like many other Moorish-influences such as, architecture, art, dance and horsemanship. Eventually the Naja made its way into the culture of the native Americans. They would string these items around their necks as adornments. It may be simple to understand that many times being at odds with the newcomers, native Americans would acquire these items in battle; and the wearing of the enemy’s fine possessions in celebration of a victory was appropriate. Material: Silver plated and silver colored copper. Production: Handmade