Ruby Casing Necklace

Ruby Casing NecklaceSmall Ruby casing necklace. The ruby is about 2.2 cm long and the silver colored copper ball chain necklace is 60 cm long. The casing of the point is made of sterling silver.Meaning: Ruby is considered to be the most powerful stone in the universe. It is the symbol of royalty and the stone is filled with love. Ruby also bri Lees meerngs you life force and protection. One of a kind: This is a natural, hand cut product, because of that all stones are one of a kind, vary a little in shape and size and may contain small irregularities, for example at the point or in/on the stone. All our stones are cut by hand and after that handpicked by beauty and double checked. The sterling silver casings are made by hand as well.Birthstone: Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Cancer.Material: Ruby, silver colored copper and sterling silverProduction: Handmade