Rose Quartz Casing Necklace

Rose Quartz Casing NecklaceRose quartz casing necklace. The quartz stone is about 5 - 6 cm long and the silver colored copper ball chain necklace is 80 cm long. The casing of the point is made of sterling silver. Meaning: Rose Quartz is the stone of our heart. It gives you LOVE, carries a calming energy, relieves loneliness, stimulates forgiveness, Lees meer and helps you if you have a broken heart. One of a kind: This is a natural, handcut product, because of that all stones are one of a kind, vary a little in shape and size and may contain small irregularities, for example at the point or in/on the stone. All our stones are cut by hand and after that handpicked by beauty and double checked. The sterling silver casings are made by hand as well. Birthstone: Cancer, Libra. Material: Rose quartz, silver colored copper and sterling silver Production: Handmade