Buddha to Buddha
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  • Geweldig merk :) Hier het echte verhaal achter Buddha to Buddha In 1997, on a beach in Goa India, Batul Loomans sketched a bracelet on a piece of paper. He wanted to design a bracelet that you would feel and be conscious of, it had to be both solid and strong. Only days later he met a man who owned a silver factory and soon the first design was produced. After Batul returned to Amsterdam, he arranged space to display his bracelet in one of Holland’s most prestigious fashion stores in the PC Hooftstraat. The unique and bold idea was to combine jewellery with fashion at a time when jewellery was traditionally only found in a jewellers store. It was an instant success and the owner of the store contacted Batul to say “I don’t know what is happening, but everyone wants your bracelets, we need more”. People loved the shapely and powerful pieces. The company grew steadily and Batul continued drawing his designs on beer mats to maintain the essence of his first design on the beach. Nirja, his wife, managed the distribution in her spare time while friends took care of financing. Friends were also some of the first to buy and wear the bracelets and they appear to be the best ambassadors he could have. These days Buddha to Buddha is a well known brand, worn by freedom loving people who like inspiring and unique designs. Award In 2006 at a jewellery fair in Paris, Buddha to Buddha was awarded for having the most inspiring collection. Company name Whilst in India, Batul joined a meditation centre. His first meeting was with a person who stayed in this centre for many years, it was a long and impressive conversation. A session such as this is known as ‘Buddha to Buddha’; a conversation from one human being to another.

Buddha to Buddha
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