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Vegan & Cruelty Free Nailpolish

Happy Glam | Arkive

Vegan & Cruelty Free Nailpolish

This unique and innovative 19-free formula has everything you need in nail polish. Vegan, without animal testing, no toxins, long-lasting and shiny. With our happy nail polish revolution, you will treat yourself and the planet with love, while getting all the attention – thanks to our opaque and powerful colors. Why am I special? – As good as it gets: this nail polish can easily last up to 7 days; – Easy to apply: be your own nail artist. The innovative formula of our products makes the application easier than ever; – Vegan: all of our products are and will always be 100% vegan. Breeding and killing animals to use them in beauty products is not cool, it's not happy and it's not glamorous; – No animal testing: you can always count on us to protect our furry friends: none of our products were tested on animals. – Intense and shiny colors: designed to make you stand out from the crowd, our colors are as powerful as you; Good to know: – You can't sit with us: get away from toxic relationships and cosmetics. Our 19-free nail polishes are made with ingredients that are safe and tested to be used without causing harm or irritation; – Dermatologically tested: our products are gentle but don't just listen to us; – Glass packaging: all of our products are eco-friendly. Wooden caps and glass bottles are just the beginning. The world deserves more and we are ready to help;
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